Things Change

Your clients are changing the way they communicate. Shouldn’t you change the way you communicate with them? We blend traditional with digital, and with our understanding of mobile trends and augmented reality, we can turn those existing branding elements into engaging experiences. Digital technology has provided incredible opportunities to create, share and interact with information.  As mobile use continues to increase globally, it only make sense to present your brand in an impressive and intelligent manner.

Why Us?

We are advertisARs. We’ve come from the Agency environment. We understand branding, design and solving problems.  We recognize augmented reality and visual search will revolutionize the way people interact with brands.  The trick is how to utilize your traditional materials and morph them into digital powerhouses using such things as AR and strategic app design. Research firm Gartner Inc. proposes that augmented reality is one of the Top 10 strategic IT technologies of our time, and Juniper Research forecasts augmented reality will be responsible for a $1.5 billion revenue stream by 2015. We’ve got what it takes to help you get your piece of the pie.

Business Solutions

Having trouble getting those sales materials to provide the impact needed? Think there’s a better way to make an impression on a curious customer?  If you answered yes to either, then you’re a candidate for augmented reality.  The use of AR has proven to provide context, allow users to connect to the product, and increase perceived value.

Juniper Research predicts that over 2.5 billion mobile augmented reality apps will be installed per year by 2017.  With such strong forecasts for mobile AR use, maybe it’s time you considered adding augmented reality to your marketing solutions.

We provide the following experiential solutions:

  • augmented reality development
  • 3-D modeling
  • 360° photo | video
  • mobile app development
  • location-based interaction

Embrace Mobile

The global number of mobile phones is approaching 64% of the world’s population (Tomi Ahonen). These same mobile devices, armed with augmented reality capabilities, allow users the ability to interact with your brand materials, experiencing information on a new and engaging level. It will continue to impact how brands educate and engage their customers, and how they to interact with brands, not to mention that there’s data behind it all!