What is an AR Channel, Anyway?

Location based channel viewThe ability to present data digitally on top of a realistic image on your mobile devise is quite remarkable. We’ve been seeing this for years (think first down marker during football broadcasts), but to be able to utilize this content to provide both content and context makes the technology more than cool…it makes it functional.

The true key is in recognizing the power that a mobile device gives both creators and users. If we can both show you where things are, as well as show you how to get there, then you’re more apt to take this information and interact with it.

Think of cultural activities, garden walks, bus stops, historical facilities…there’s very little that we can’t apply AR to in a feasible and functional manner.

Now, let’s add image recognition to the conversation, and you breathe new life into any printed material you could ever think of: T-shirts, pamphlets, brochures, invitations, presentations, packaging…you get the point.

Give it some thought. It’s time to think. Differently.

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