Virtual Shopping

Trying on those clothes is getting easier, thanks to AR. it’s only a matter of time before some curios and intuitive tech manufacturer is able to replicate a closet’s contents and provide a “virtual fitting room” capability right in your own closet. Those questions of “what do I feel like wearing today” or “what looks best today” will easily be answered by standing in front of your closet door.

A recent article from gizmodiva touts an AR installation by Bloomingdale’s that features six web-cam enabled screens that employ some cool face tracking technology. Very basically, the program recognizes the user’s face, maps it dimensionally, and applies a model of customer selected eyewear perfectly on their face. Since the face is mapped, the eyeglass model is able to stay in tact as the user turns from side to side, inspecting the fit and design, just as we do regularly.

There have been a couple of high end retailers that have added this capability to their own shopping experience, but it still required the customer to be present in the store.

We see a couple of things happening rather quickly here: as the U.S. market becomes more aware and accepting of AR, it will become more integrated in the retail environment. In addition, wider acceptance means a willingness to use it in our homes, which basically means that we can virtually try on clothing items from any retailer from the comfort of our own home. This can be good and bad. If your home is anything like mine, it’s filled with bad lighting and laundry baskets, neither of which successfully replicate a true high end shopping experience.

Would you shop like this? Let’s se what happens.

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