Ten Minutes with a Stranger

Screen Shot 2013-11-24 at 9.59.03 PMThis summer, I had the pleasure of being visited by an old friend, who was driving from L.A. back to NYC.  The focus of the trip was simple: drive only backroads and talk to strangers…and hopefully take a few photos of them to document the trip.  Along the way, Seth shared some of his stories: meeting a truck driver, a wolf sanctuary owner, and a cider maker, all of whom made an impact.

Then I drove him around my city, Buffalo, NY, armed him with a basic sense of direction, and let him work his magic.  The results were great, as was the fishing!  But then we started talking about the project…

For months, I had been trying to introduce the topic of augmented reality to Seth.  As a photographer, his work was bound to make a great springboard for an interactive experience.  It finally clicked, and when I showed him that we could support his hard work with video, the synapse fired and his project took on a new level of excitement.  Using AR would truly provide him the opportunity to give his participants the “voice” they deserved.

Books are being delivered now, and the first round of comments have been very supportive.  A belly-band surrounds the book, providing directions on how to use junaio to interact with the book.

Check out a recent video post Seth prepared to show book owners how to use the app to interact with the books images.  If you weren’t able to purchase a book but interested in the experience, you can go to Seth’s website at Seth Hancock Photography and see what all the excitement is about.

Download the junaio app from either Play or the App Store, press the scan button, and hover your mobile/tablet device over each of the pictures in the series.

Now get out there and introduce yourself to a stranger today!

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