Smart = Good for All

Isn’t this the guy you want building things that go into space? Um…yes!

Elon Musk is one bright guy. Not only has Tesla shaken things up in the electric automobile market, but SpaceX has blasted into profitable existence by filling a governmental gap by being efficient. Add to this, the notion of super high speed continental travel via Hyper Loop, and you’ve got some ideas in action that are ahead of their time.

What excited us, is seeing the process of designing all of these projects, and Moreno, the products used in their design, change…for the intuitive better. Basically, making a better framing hammer in the middle of building a house. Not settling for the ways it’s always been done, but rather, determining where they’re are some areas to improve and doing so flawlessly.

Nice job! My suggestion…please do something with peanut butter jars. Who can actually get it all out of the bottom? Wait…looks like there’s a solution!

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