Ride Along with Kevin Harvick

2x1_360_promoBudweiser continues to show it’s support for the use of emerging technology.  They push for great creative ideas, they have utilized visual search and the Blippar app in their print adds, and now they’ve taken it a bit higher…using 360° videography to provide the view of a lifetime – a ride along with Kevin Harvick at Charlotte Motor Speedway.  Angled as “Kevin controls the car.  You control the camera”, fans using a computer can control the live view within the video with a move of the mouse.  The iOS app is coming very soon, and Budweiser anticipates taking more footage and adding 360° content throughout the season.

You can experience it for yourself here, but remember you’ve got to be on a flash-enabled device.

Now, this is where it gets fun…would you like to be able to do this with your event or product.  Let us know…We’d love to help.   Vrooom!

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