Problem = Solution

aeg-scratching-ad-3Sometimes the best way to present a solution is to also show that there is a problem. This can be problematic if your client is unaware that there is a problem.

What if your client is the consumer? What if they don’t know that your solution is the best solution? What’s the best way to show them that your product is the best solution?

Sometimes, the best way to show how to clean up a mess is to first make that mess. This is exactly how BBDO addressed a task for AEG/Electrolux in a recent ad we learned about from our friends in Munich, Augmented Minds.

The structure of the head is something we’ve all experienced – a simple scratch off card. But what we have also experienced is that little mess that’s left behind after scratching and revealing that we didn’t win the prize. Historically, a swipe of the hand knocks this into the trash container. But what this does is make the solution to this problem very concrete. It is well done and makes perfect sense. Point made.

Oops…missed a spot!

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