Park Creek Apartments Virtual Tour

Senior Apartment Hunting just got easier in Williamsville, NY thanks to the Park Creek Apartments Virtual Tour.  One of the hardest aspects of renting an apartment is really getting a feel for the space from web searches.  There are usually plenty of pretty pics of part of spaces, but you can’t see the whole room from one shot.

And what if the apartments aren’t built yet?

This was the situation that the management of Park Creek Apartments was in and we had just the answer: Virtual, Virtual Tour.  Not only did we provide of tour of the space on the web, but we created virtual representations of each space; the apartments you see in the images are actually 3D models that we made appear lifelike.  Details abound, from the actual carpet and tiles used, to the appliances and fixtures – we are able to show customers what the entire apartment looks like, even though it hasn’t been built yet.

The Park Creek Apartments Virtual Tour allows viewers to tour the two-story lobby, a single bedroom unit, and a two bedroom unit.  We invite you to take a look as well.

For those really interested in getting an immersive look, you can view the virtual tours on your mobile device and activate the Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality modes, which allow for a more personal and impactful tour – just aim the cursor at the hotspot to advance into the next room.

Like what you see?  Let us know if we can assist you.