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plantInterestingly enough, over the past week there have been two tech-related stories that caught our attention.  Not because they were outlandish AR deployments, but rather, because they dealt with a different element of those mundane things in our homes.  First, TechCrunch, which we follow actively,  put out an article about Japan implementing a Cloud-Based, smartphone-compatible LED lighting system.  Brilliant!  Control the lights in your home, office or building via your smartphone and WiFi connection.  What better way to achieve zonal lighting than that actually have control over specific light bulbs on the circuit – not just the string of lights that are on one switch!  Again, Brilliant!  Read the full article.

Then, we came across  an article put out by another great resource, The Next Web, which we also follow actively.  This article presented us with a novel idea, using seemingly simple technical components.  Packaged by SparkFun, The Botanical Kit actually lets your house plants Tweet you when they need water.  The kit includes a small mother board, and Ethernet connection and two probes that are inserted into the soil.  Program your Twitter ID into the kit, and you can be notified each and every time your plants require hydration. Yup, Brilliant!

Of course, you know that this will only work until your plants learn about the Pavlovian response that their urgently Tweeted requests will produce.  Then they are bound to start doing so when they want to hear you sing, or even to share what they over heard at your last cocktail party…maybe their even be able to provide some Feng Shui direction.  Read the full article.

What’s really cool about these two articles is that they represent the creativity, practical application, and relevance that technology should employ.  It’s not all meant to be outlandish examples of how it “might possibly” be used.  The magic is in the manner that thinkers address problems creatively and apply technological solutions to solve such problems–mundane or complex.

You may have noticed that household electronics are starting to tout WiFi and/or app-based interactivity.  You’ve seen the commercials about starting cars from remote locations or cooling down the house on a hot day with your smartphone; we’re using technology to address problems that have challenged us in the past…like starting our car from the airport!  Plants Tweeting and smartphones illuminating one light out of 50 are representative of where will continue to head.

AR windows in your car may be available soon, but think of how cool it will be if someone can actually use a little technology to create that item to actually tell us what dogs are saying when they bark. Brilliant!

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