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table imageJust read an article from @mashable titled “More consumers Using Tablets to Shop“.  In doing so, it reinforced in me the importance of maintaining an understanding of media and technology that our audiences use in everyday interactions.  In order to really maintain a relationship with your audience, a brand must present itself/it’s products through these media – it’s imperative that consumers now feel that big brands and companies are concerned with their customers habits and interests.

Consider this, today, each person is a brand.  With social channels providing the capabilities and resources they do, it’s too easy for mobile people to consistently “update” their brand positioning each and every day – in many cases, it’s multiple times each day.  We are no longer in an environment where the big boys push around the little consumer.

So this gets us to the article.  If audiences are embracing mobile technology, then why do companies continue to sink all resources into heavy websites without any mobile optimization?  We can’t tell you how many websites are not feasibly interacted with on a mobile device.  If this sounds like you, It’s Time to Think. Differently.

There are a few great mobile resources out there that will look for your site content and reconfigure for mobile use.  However, we’d suggest that you check out these awesome guys at ShareSquare.  They have a great solution to cool, fresh, mobile marketing sites.


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