Maidenform & AR

bra adSaw this nice “coverage” of Maidenform by @mediapost and Sarah Mahoney.  Using Aurasma, Maidenform is providing its customers the opportunity to scan the item tag and further interact with the product; determining views of other styles, as well as linking to additional supporting digital content.  As the CMO mentions, am I’m lifting this directly from the article itself, “The consumer wants more digital marketing,” she says. “She’s very connected through all her devices. They empower her to shop the way she wants to shop. So we need to be where she is, and give her that flexibility.”

Who would have thought that Maidenform, of all women’s brands, would embrace something as fast as AR?  Well, I think it’s pretty darn visionary and chocked full of data-driven decision making.  Especially considering how prevalent smart mobile devices are these days.  For women, they are quickly becoming accessories.  Consider this statement from a recent white paper (here) from TBA Global.  In this paper, TBA refers to Mobile as “The Shortest Distance From Passion to Purchase”.  So, couple mobile use with clothing items that make a woman say, “Yeah, this will look good on me!”, and you have made magic happen.  Empower them to experience the product both “offline and online”, and you leave little to second guess.

But lets be honest…does anyone else find this a little cheeky…a lingerie company purposely augmenting reality?  Maybe it’s just me.  Nonetheless, I am a fan!

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