In the Eyes of the Beholder…

google ar gogglesYou can’t read any tech blogs these days without learning about some company kicking out a new set of AR headwear.  Of course, the issue is that with this technology, we don’t want to look like we’ve just left the ophthalmologist, so in this case, looks are important.

As strange as they may appear, what’s happening in these glasses is phenomenal, and may just change the way that we actually interact with our surroundings (and each other) in the very near future.  @wired just pushed an article titled 6 Glasses With Integrated Displays That You Can Buy Today.  This article shares that there literally are 6 different products that provide augmented content overlaid on the lenses–that you can buy TODAY!  Sweet!  Maybe they’d be able to help my find my keys.

If you’ve read the tech news the past week, you saw that Google announced tests of their AR glasses, which they refer to as Project Glass, (featured in photo) and if you are like me (and The Next Web’s Martin Bryant, who wrote this), you can’t help but wonder just what’s around the corner…figuratively and literally.

If the adoption of this technology is going to happen, it’ll probably take on the same model as tech advances tend to present: expensive tech is purchased by early geek adopters, then it slowly trends upward as costs fall, becomes a little more widespread, and then it’s so ubiquitous that my mother starts asking me if I know of this “stuff” and that it’s really cool.  It’s when it gets to that point that the product has to throw in the towel – market saturation.  I have to hand it to Google, their first crack at their version is pretty tight.  I’d jump in.  Let’s “see” what’s next.

Thanks to @strngwys Roberto Baldwin, @martinsfp Martin Bryant, @wired and @thenextweb for content.

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