How Does AR Apply?

Let’s face it…sometimes the cool kids had a better reputation simply because some kids thought they were cool. They didn’t do anything differently, or even better for that matter; they just happened to be perceived as cool.

We either loved or hated those kids. Secretly hoping for their failure, or publicly lauding their magical abilities of coolness, in hopes that we capture some of the runoff attention. When it really matters, what did those cool kids do? How did they help?

Technology continues to develop, mobile devices continue to permeate the marketplace, and marketers continue to crave impressions and brand extension. Sometimes, we crave the next cool thing…hoping it differentiates our product or service from the others’.

Now enter the ability to implement something as cool and powerful as augmented reality into the mix. Sure, you can geo-locate content in places. Yup, you can add supportive content to print and packaging using image recognition. It’s all pretty cool. But it’s a slippery slope.

It’s been our experience that the true cool AR applications are those which solve a problem. When it’s just fluff, the impact that you desire may not be there. And when it’s fluff, the consumer can usually tell that it’s a shallow application.

So be true to your brand, and continue to be mindful when addressing your efforts, as it is possible to try to hard to be cool. We all know, however that the real “cool” guys are the ones that can back it up Because what they do applies to good practice. Stay above the fray and let us know if we can do anything to help.


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