Here Come the Cool AR Toys!

We’ve seen some neat attempts to incorporate augmented reality into children’s games. Think of what Nintendo did with AR markers when the 3DS was released. They single-handedly created interactive experiences while using the same hand-held technology.

Then enter the cute, app–based interactions with blasting Martians or spying dinosaurs in the park. The opportunities popped up, we downloaded the apps, and played for a little bit but quickly tired.

The toy company Hasbro has quietly been developing in the AR realm for the past couple years. They introduced an iOS add-on, the my3D, which makes many of us over the age of 35 recall the glory days of the viewfinder. In this case, however, users experience the full 360° environment, visible from looking within the eye device that attaches to the iPod touch or iPhone.

Now, Hasbro has upped the ante – working with Hunter Research and the mechanics behind the Theodolite app, which

works with the new Nerf N-Strike Elite Tactical Rail Mount Accessory and turns an N-Strike Elite blaster into a full battle cam with heads up display, compass, inclinometer, and rangefinder.

Here’s the article describing the process.

Have you grown tired of the annoying kids in the neighborhood yet the start school?” This bad boy, no one will know what your true motives are. Happy hunting!

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