D-Day … a day to remember

June 6, 2014 marks the 70th anniversary of the historic events we know as D-Day. Troops landing on the beaches of Normandy to take on the German forces nestled tightly in concrete bunkers high on the beach bluffs. We’ve all heard stories or seen images from this horrific battlefield, but to this day it remains nearly impossible for me to comprehend what our soldiers did for us all on this day; the undying strength and courage of all to press on and make landfall.

There are a few stories that have recently published in preparation for this historic anniversary. One worth investigating is an app created by Gravity Jack that allows the user to scan a historic map of Europe in order to launch images and videos. The map is very large, but it’s the detail that brings it home. The project is supported by The Greatest Generation Foundation, and the full press release can be viewed here.

Another interesting and engaging experience comes from The Guardian titled D-day landings scenes in 1944 and now – interactive. This web-based experience is part of their Photography Then and Now series, and allows the user to move through time by tapping or clicking on a historic image to reveal the modern view from the same vantage point. Quite interesting use of technology.

It’s no coincidence that we’re thinking about D-day here. We’ve recently started a new project with photographer Jodi Champagne titled “Diminishing Generations“, which is a photo documentary of America’s veterans of WWII, as well as the Korean and Vietnam wars. Jodi will be doing the real work: traveling around to capture the stories. We will be providing some tech support in enabling her photos to reveal more of the story, truly giving the veterans a voice. Jodi is donating all proceeds of the book to a veteran’s organization that can ensure that 100% of the funds will go to those that deserve it.

So on June 6, 2014, please take a moment to pause and reflect on those that fought for us long before they knew us. Then say thank you and wish them peace.




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