AR on the Move

The new yeAR is upon us, and we can’t help but to be excited by the possibilities.  We recently came across a great post by the folks @xcubelabs that presented a superb reflection and forecast of AR and disruptive media.  You can find the post here. We continue to deal with the “hard-sell” of AR…many […]

How Does AR Apply?

Let’s face it…sometimes the cool kids had a better reputation simply because some kids thought they were cool. They didn’t do anything differently, or even better for that matter; they just happened to be perceived as cool. We either loved or hated those kids. Secretly hoping for their failure, or publicly lauding their magical abilities […]

Go Seminoles!

We had a little hand in creating a cool, interactive recruiting tool for Florida State University Women’s Basketball.  The concept is simple: FSU likes you, but how does FSU keep your attention and cut through that stack of recruitment letters?  You include an animated 3D model that reveals the core of the program’s beliefs. Check […]

AR for Medical Facility

We recently completed two AR channels using junaio, and couldn’t be more pleased.  Greatbatch Medical came to us with a desire to present their state of the art medical devices facility in Indianapolis, IN.  We were able to capture (5) 360 views, allowing the viewer to experience different areas of the facility.  Understanding that knowing […]

Now Announcing-AR for the People!

We are very excited to have partnered up with Black Horse Videography on a very cool, collaborative project.  Consider this…you are getting married, you need a videographer…and want to do something, well, different. What could #AR possibly have to do with weddings?  Well, you can find out more at, or just watch this little video and […]

It’s A Little Creepy….

Just watched a short film, titled “Sight“, about contact lenses that come embedded with AR and app capabilities.  It was well done, and of course, takes the implementation of AR to a bit of the dark side.  Of course, there’s good and evil…anything can be used for either.  At D3, we tend to look at […]

Maidenform & AR

Saw this nice “coverage” of Maidenform by @mediapost and Sarah Mahoney.  Using Aurasma, Maidenform is providing its customers the opportunity to scan the item tag and further interact with the product; determining views of other styles, as well as linking to additional supporting digital content.  As the CMO mentions, am I’m lifting this directly from […]

Increase Fan Engagement!

Just read this article from @Mashable about a neat little app that the Giants organization created to help franchise fans celebrate their Super Bowl championship with them…by wearing their own Super Bowl ring! Using a little thing we’re fond of, AR. Now, it’s unfortunate that AR can’t make those rings any more attractive, but for […]

Virtual Shopping

Trying on those clothes is getting easier, thanks to AR. it’s only a matter of time before some curios and intuitive tech manufacturer is able to replicate a closet’s contents and provide a “virtual fitting room” capability right in your own closet. Those questions of “what do I feel like wearing today” or “what looks […]

Tech Kitchen

Just read this article from @fastcompany about a kitchen-friendly iPad cutting board.  It’s clear that technology continues to become more and more integrated into the daily activities in which we participate.  What’s of interest to many is how seamlessly the technology in integrated into the activity-the more it makes sense to the activity, the easier […]

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