Here Come the Cool AR Toys!

We’ve seen some neat attempts to incorporate augmented reality into children’s games. Think of what Nintendo did with AR markers when the 3DS was released. They single-handedly created interactive experiences while using the same hand-held technology. Then enter the cute, app–based interactions with blasting Martians or spying dinosaurs in the park. The opportunities popped up, […]

Join us at insideAR!

We are so happy to share that we are, again, going to be a part of @metaio’s insideAR conference in Munich this October. This event has grown in size each year, and continues to be a wonderful place to learn about AR as a technology and as an industry. What’s even more exciting, is that […]

AR Investments to SoAR

According to, and Spar Point Group, recent research from ABI Research touts expectation of developer investment reaching $670 million this year, but soaring to over $2.5 billion in 2018! We think something big is just starting to gain some traction. As more and more marketers recognize the potential that AR brings to their tradigital […]

How AR Can Change Everything

A recent posting by @cnet provides some great context on #AR and the soon to be realized impact it will have on advertising. The post, titled “How augmented-reality ads could change everything“, shares some great use cases and application. With data points, customer/audience interaction, and conversion measures, it’s no wonder why it hasn’t seen greater […]

AR Wins Gold

The results are in, and AR is the winner!  We are very happy to have participated in an award winning collaboration with The Martin Group on the Greatbatch Medical app. Our 360° virtual tour of their medical facility was the centerpiece of this sales device.  The local advertising community reviewed the app overall and awarded […]

Ride Along with Kevin Harvick

Budweiser continues to show it’s support for the use of emerging technology.  They push for great creative ideas, they have utilized visual search and the Blippar app in their print adds, and now they’ve taken it a bit higher…using 360° videography to provide the view of a lifetime – a ride along with Kevin Harvick […]

Problem = Solution

Sometimes the best way to present a solution is to also show that there is a problem. This can be problematic if your client is unaware that there is a problem. What if your client is the consumer? What if they don’t know that your solution is the best solution? What’s the best way to […]

Google Maps Adds 360

Today, @TheNextWeb shared that Google Maps has added Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis to its list of new 360 degree locations. Interacting with locations in this manner truly provides a great opportunity for viewers to experience a location that they have never visited or are not presently near. We’ve had the opportunity to produce a […]

Toyota86 AR Experience

Circulating lately is a glimpse into a recent effort by Toyota Motors to brand their Toyota86 as a new model to experience. Floating around YouTube is this great video showing the 86 in action. What got us intrigued is that the 86 they’re driving is an animated 3D model being viewed and controlled from an […]

Leaders ask “Why”

What makes and inspirational leader? @TED brings a lot of things to mind to respond to the question, but we are hard-pressed to find anyone we have listened to more than Simon Sinek (@simonsinek).  His TED talk on “How Great Leaders Inspire Action” brings us back to the necessary question…no, not “How”, but rather “WHY”. […]

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