Park Creek Apartments Virtual Tour

Park Creek Apartments Virtual Tour

Senior Apartment Hunting just got easier in Williamsville, NY thanks to the Park Creek Apartments Virtual Tour.  One of the hardest aspects of renting an apartment is really getting a feel for the space from web searches.  There are usually plenty of pretty pics of part of spaces, but you can’t see the whole room […]

It’s a Win-Win!

Great work deserves a little publicity, and we are really proud of this work! Digital Delta Design received gold and silver Addy awards at the Advertising Club of Buffalo’s annual ceremony, which showcases the best in regional marketing and advertising. This year’s theme was #MarriedToYourWork! We represented the Digital Creative Technology category with wins in Augmented […]

Hey WNY – Your Craft Beer is Near!

Western New York…Your Craft Beer is Near! Recently, the Buffalo Niagara Enterprise (BNE) provided us with one of the most valuable pieces of information possible…the WNY Craft Beer Breweries, Distilleries, and Suppliers Map.  Just in time for summer  and a perfect reason to dust off all those growlers that have been collected over the long, […]

D-Day … a day to remember

June 6, 2014 marks the 70th anniversary of the historic events we know as D-Day. Troops landing on the beaches of Normandy to take on the German forces nestled tightly in concrete bunkers high on the beach bluffs. We’ve all heard stories or seen images from this horrific battlefield, but to this day it remains […]

AdvertisAR @ AWE

AdvertisAR presentation by Jim Dailey at the Augmented World Expo (AWE 2014) available on Youtube and Slideshare.  You know, in case you missed all the fun! Advertising & AR – From Wow to Why – AWE 2014 from DigitalDeltaDesign

Making Magic

Today, I’d just like to say that there is no better feeling than finding a creative solution to a daunting task. We’ve pushed the limits to what we can do…again. The team here is solid, tireless, and magical. We make magic happen…we put things where they aren’t, and we do it well. Just thought you […]

Ten Minutes with a Stranger

This summer, I had the pleasure of being visited by an old friend, who was driving from L.A. back to NYC.  The focus of the trip was simple: drive only backroads and talk to strangers…and hopefully take a few photos of them to document the trip.  Along the way, Seth shared some of his stories: […]

Every Tag Should Talk!

From all reports, it was a successful holiday retail season.  As we start 2014 with such momentum, it’s hard not to recognize that this year will provide us with some enlightening opportunities and application of augmented reality. Take Under Armor for example.  They employed Google’s Lightbox ad technology to create an engaging campaign leading up […]

Are you an advertisar?

Are you an advertisAR? That’s the question that I posed while speaking at insideAR, the largest augmented reality conference in Europe. Hosted by Metaio in Munich, Germany, insideAR has become a destination for those that wish to learn about new product offerings by one of AR’s pioneers. My presentation shares my experience in supporting the […]

Smart = Good for All

Isn’t this the guy you want building things that go into space? Um…yes! Elon Musk is one bright guy. Not only has Tesla shaken things up in the electric automobile market, but SpaceX has blasted into profitable existence by filling a governmental gap by being efficient. Add to this, the notion of super high speed […]

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