Developing your own Augmented Reality project can be far more complex than expected.  We are professionals at developing Augmented Reality applications and browsers.

Before you do anything, please consider why augmented reality is being considered.  We find so many practical uses for it, but it may not be the best thing for your efforts.  This may make us lose on some business, but we think it secures the right resource and application for the task.

There isn’t always a need to create an app.  Sometimes being able to interact with augmented reality content through any of the AR browsers (Junaio, Aurasma, Layar, Wikitude) may be more than enough for the job.  If you need more, we can help.

And when it comes to cost…and it always does…know that augmented reality solutions usually end up becoming customized projects.  There may be a bit that can be leveraged from other AR work, but what works best for your project best fits you.  That said, focus on the task at hand, and the cost will make more sense.

If you have an interest in investigating what AR can do for you or your clients, please don’t hesitate to contact us.