Augmented Reality Apps

There are new Augmented Reality (AR) apps being released every day. Here are a few AR apps we feel are worth investigating. Junaio, Layar, Wikitude, and Aurasma are considered augmented reality browsers…delivering searchable AR content to mobile users wishing to interact with content via geo-location or visual search. Check them out and let us know what you think.

snapshop app icon

SnapShop allows you to use your iOS device to visualize furniture in your own living room using an iPhone. Browse and discover products from your favorite brands and pre-shop by placing items, using your fingers, to literally place furniture in your room. Capture the placement in your iPhone camera or photo albums – using augmented reality!
AR Player app icon

The AR-media™ Player allows users to display augmented reality files created by the AR-media™ Plugin for Autodesk® 3dsMax® and the AR-media™ Exporter for Google™ SketchUp™.

The Player is completely free for non commercial uses. All you need to make the Player work is a personal computer, a webcam and a printed code attached to the software. A wide range of Head Mounted Displays, including the Vuzix® CamAR, eMagin, i-glasses™ are also supported. The Player can be used to visualize any “.armedia” file.

Interested in using the AR-media plugin yourself? As official resellers, we’d be happy to help.
aurasma app icon

Aurasma is the world’s leading augmented reality platform. Available as a free app for iPhones, iPads and high-powered Android devices or as a kernel for developers, Aurasma uses advanced image and pattern recognition to blend the real-world with rich interactive content such as videos and animations called “Auras”.
wikitude app icon

Wikitude is the award winning augmented reality app that allows you to see more. Explore what’s around you, find new and interesting places, events, and activities. Play augmented reality games, scan objects and be delighted, and create your own augmented reality world with Wikitude’s exclusive “myWorld feature! With thousands of content providers, Wikitude is your access point to a world of stunning augmented reality content around you.
layar icon button

Layar is an industry-leading company at the forefront of the rapidly emerging medium of augmented reality (AR). AR is a way viewing digital information which has been superimposed – or augmented – onto a live view of the physical, real-world environment around you.
junaio app icon

junaio, the world’s most advanced Augmented Reality Browser, growing daily with interesting content relevant to your location or to the images and objects your camera is pointing at.

Check out what’s around you…What’s on at the movies, who’s playing at your favourite bar? Where is the nearest cash dispenser, taxi stand or subway station? The best steak in town or the hottest show? The unmatched ease of use, great choice of content and superior features make junaio® your smart companion wherever you are.

Just download junaio for free on the iPhone App Store or Android Marketplace and experience the Augmented City of junaio.