AR on the Move

d3 sq icon graphicThe new yeAR is upon us, and we can’t help but to be excited by the possibilities.  We recently came across a great post by the folks @xcubelabs that presented a superb reflection and forecast of AR and disruptive media.  You can find the post here.

We continue to deal with the “hard-sell” of AR…many don’t understand what “placing digital content over traditional /offline contents” means.  It’s wizardry, and sometimes that is hard to conceptualize.  We see it all the time.  But one thing we continue to present is that interacting with content differently from traditionally has some benefits.  Let’s face it, it’s a consumer’s market out there.  They continue to push for innovation, whilst relying on social networks and friends’ comments and reviews before making a decision.  The impulsivity of doing a web search to read customer reviews means good vibes are necessary to position a product or service as well as possible.

That’s where the use of some disruptive media can really come in to play.  Check out this excerpt from the [x]cube post:


Likelihood to buy?
After viewing the 2D printed display advert, out of 100 parents, 45% would consider buying the toy for a child. Out of those who viewed the augmented reality experience, 74% of the parents would consider buying the toy for a child.

Attitude to price?
Out of those parents that viewed the printed advert, the average price of £5.99 was attributed as the estimated retail value of the product. Of those parents that engaged with the augmented reality experience, they estimated a higher average price of £7.99.

Advertising engagement?
Parents spent an average of 12 seconds actively engaged with the print advert. Those parents using the augmented reality experience did so for an average of 1 minute 23 seconds.


What we are getting out of this is quite simple: give potential/current customers an opportunity to “interact” with your product or service.  Sure, put some reading material in front of them, but give them the option of scanning that same material to get additional, more specific (or strategic) information.  Instead of just sending out that direct mail, why not make the mail piece the trigger to launch a video, access to web content, interactive models, or even transport them to another location using a 360° view?  Here’s a look at how we incorporated 360 into our holiday wishes.

Sound interesting?  We can help…just let us know.  We’ve got some great ideas.

Have a great new yeAR!  (sorry – we had too!)


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