Are you an advertisar?

jimat insidearAre you an advertisAR? That’s the question that I posed while speaking at insideAR, the largest augmented reality conference in Europe. Hosted by Metaio in Munich, Germany, insideAR has become a destination for those that wish to learn about new product offerings by one of AR’s pioneers.

My presentation shares my experience in supporting the advertising industry in the implementation of augmented reality solutions.  You can view the “lite” presentation notes here, but know that the best information came in the presentation itself.

I have to give thanks to Tomi Ahonen, whose mobile almanac provided the details relating to the mobile industry.  I also must thank Matt Trubow, from Hidden Creative, who was willing to share some research that had been done a couple of years ago.  Thanks, Gents!

So, are you an advertisAR?  The answer is simple:  if you are reading this blog post, you are interested in emerging technology, and namely, augmented reality.  If this is you, then you are doing the same evangelizing and educating that I am doing.  Augmented reality is little understood outside of most technical circles, but it makes such great sense in advertising and marketing.

There’s plenty of research that supports that the moment someone touches something, they begin to engage.  And with this engagement, they then develop a connection based on emotion.  And once we get emotional, we wish to communicate what we have experienced.  These are all great characteristics of the person that I want using my augmented reality resource.

Advertisers have become great at getting the message out, which is in fact, part of the problem.  They are good at broadcasting their message, but it is muddled in everyone else’s messages.  So, how do we break through the clutter?  Deliver a “WOW” – an enriched brand experience with personalized and relevant content.  But before we can deliver this “Wow”, we have to be able to deliver the “WHY”.  Our focus should be on how we, as AR developers, become a strategic point of difference for advertising agencies.  We do this by demonstrating how we deliver client value through enhanced and enriched brand experiences to the mobile smartphone and tablet populations.  This is what I call being an advertisAR!

We, as advertisARs, can solve a problem that many agencies don’t know they have — or may not wish to acknowledge.  They are happy with a “Wow”, but they need to have a good understanding of “Why” our technology is more than “wow” – it’s context.

So, while you continue to bang on doors to try to evangelize the many relevant applications of augmented reality, remember one thing…Bring them from “WOW” to “WHY”!

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