It’s A Little Creepy….


Just watched a short film, titled “Sight“, about contact lenses that come embedded with AR and app capabilities.  It was well done, and of course, takes the implementation of AR to a bit of the dark side.  Of course, there’s good and evil…anything can be used for either.  At D3, we tend to look at AR and potential application as beneficial and positive.  Think about what we’d do if we didn’t know where the first down actually was if it weren’t for that yellow line across the screen of the NFL Sunday Night game?  How Barbaric! posted this article about the makers of the video, as well as some context on advances in AR-aided eyewear (insert link to Google Goggles here).  Lazo and May-raz did a nice job presenting their creative position…I’m sure someone will figure out just how to analyze that beautiful woman from across the room.  Someone will be able to actually learn what the opposite sex is thinking or wants.  Mel Gibson didn’t use anything like this in “What Women Want“,  and he cracked that nut…he just used a wet floor and a bathroom counter to learn these things.  Science fiction will make good things bad; thoughtful application will make good things beneficial.  That’s what we need.

Obviously, things are going to start getting a little silly around here.  The question is…will the silliness be for good or evil.

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